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Food designed to fit every taste and every event...

Eating food and raising a pint of the "Black Stuff" is key to pretty much any event we hold at GUINNESS STOREHOUSE. We do everything from mini bites right up to multi-course feasts. We cook everything from fresh, on site. Our food is designed for you and to make things a little easier, we've constructed three simple themes for all our menus – GUINNESS, local and global.

GUINNESS Themed Menus

Many people want to experience our raison d'etre. Our dishes use GUINNESS ingredients to form their structure and work particularly well when partnered with GUINNESS Draught or another GUINNESS variant.

Local Themed Menus

Irish cooking at its best! The menus from here use all good, local ingredients, and are used and cooked with integrity. This is by no means typical corporate styled food, but food which gives you a sense of Ireland in all its humble glory.

Global Themed Menus

GUINNESS is a global brand, drunk from Kenya to Khartom, Sydney to Shanghai. So take a world tour of food if you like.

Our menus are designed to give you an idea. Justin O'Connor, our Executive Head Chef at GUINNESS STOREHOUSE likes nothing more than creating new food. If this tempts you, let us know and we'll arrange for you to meet him and we'll create your own bespoke menu.

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