Meet the Team

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The great GUINNESS that we serve here might go without saying (after all, it does only come from 200 metres away), but it's your resident experienced Events Team who will bring your event to life. We have 20 kitchen staff who only cook with the best of Irish ingredients, Event Designers who build your event from the ground upwards and a second to none delivery Operations Team who frankly get a kick out of pressurised situations and exceptional service! Should you need additional venue decoration (but we don't think you will), we can even source this for you.

We could focus on individuals. But that's not really what a team is all about. Our Chefs have a combined skill set of pretty much every culinary qualification and if we talk about experience, it runs into 10s of years. Numbers of hours cooking? Tens of Thousands. The Front of House Team has pretty much seen it all, and between them have been running events for nearly 259 years (we counted).

It's dangerous to say experience counts for everything because we like and are open to the 'new'. As we said earlier, we like to create individual events for you. What we are really saying is we have a loyal team of dedicated people who love what they do. More than that, we believe in it.

Your point of contact remains the same from the time you contact us, right up to after the event. That is one person. We have a system to make sure we don't miss anything. But to be honest, no two events are the same. Your concerns, aspirations, vision is unique. And so are we, which is why we are looking forward to working with you.