Guinness Recipes

We want you to enjoy all the tastes and flavours of some famous GUINNESS® dishes for yourself. Here you will find recipes and video demonstration from our executive chef showing you
how to recreate our eight signature dishes, this ranges from traditional beef and GUINNESS® stew, to a fabulous GUINNESS® chocolate mousse.

Beef & Guinness Stew

Beef and Guinness Stew
Traditional Irish Dish with marrying wonder Irish ingredients of Potato, Beef and GUINNESS.

Black Velvet Cocktail

Black Velvet Cocktail
This famous cocktail was invented in 1861,
the taste is so delicious, it is still popular today.

Irish Smoked Salmon

Irish Smoked Salmon on Guinness Bread
Only thing better than enjoying Irish smoked Salmon, is enjoying it on mouth-watering Guinness bread.

Guinness Chocolate Mousse

Guinness Chocolate Mousse
Wonderful chocolate indulgence, ideal with seasonal berries, ideal for an after dinner treat.

Guinness Chocolate Truffles

Guinness Chocolate Truffles
Indulgent mini treats, ideal treats for dinner party guest to compliment the night.

Guinness Cured Irish Salmon

Guinness Cured Irish Salmon
The wonderful marriage of Guinness and the sea brought to life through this famous dish.

Mussels in Guinness cream sauce

Irish Mussels in Guinness Cream Sauce
Once you’ve tried this recipe, there is no going back. Perfect to have with friends on a summers day.

Guinness bread

Guinness Bread
A dark brown bread with a wonderful distinctive taste.