Step into the Story of Guinness

Welcome to your unforgettable journey inside the Guinness Storehouse. For almost three centuries, this vast architectural gem in the heart of Dublin City has been the home of Guinness.

What You’ll Discover on This Floor

Gaze up seven storeys past tall metal beams. Look down to the 9,000 year lease signed and sealed in 1759 by Arthur Guinness himself. You’re standing in the bottom of the largest pint glass in the world. You’d need over 14 million pints of our iconic stout to fill it.

Step through the iconic black and gold-lettered Guinness gates and learn how 260 years ago, five ingredients first came together, and an epic story was born.

Listen for the thunderous Wicklow water, run the barley through your fingers, see the hops grow and uncover the precious yeast that gives life to the Black Stuff.

You’ll find out more about Arthur Guinness on the next floor.

Guinness Gifts to Treasure

Take home a little piece of Guinness with you from the Guinness Storehouse. Here are special mementos to bring home.

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Explore the Second Floor

Meet the man who brought his dream to life at St James’s Gate, Dublin and stamped his name forever across the world.

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