Safety, Sustainability, Environment & Quality (SSEQ) Policy

The GUINNESS STOREHOUSE® is committed to continual improvement in developing Higher Standards in the management of:

Quality; the soul of the Guinness Storehouse lies in the quality experience we offer, derived from the heritage of the brand itself and the skills of our people, both past and present. Our quality purpose is to be the platinum Guinness brand experience and our mission is to convert everyone we touch into a Guinness Ambassador.

Health, Safety & Welfare; Guinness Storehouse is committed to protecting employees and others, such as neighbours, contractors and visitors from ill health, accidents and all safety risks associated with our activities on site; The welfare of our staff and visitors is fundamental in ensuring that we continue to prosper. The commitment, pride and enthusiasm of all who work here is our most precious asset, through them we strive to create a zero harm culture in all our activities and events.

Sustainability & Environment; Sustainable development and protecting the environment of Dublin communities has been a core philosophy of the Guinness company since it was founded in 1759. We, at Guinness Storehouse, are committed to retaining this philosophy by being leaders in helping to build a thriving community where we do business; and by playing our part in preserving the local environ where our colleagues, neighbours and visitors; work, live and play.

To achieve these higher standards the leadership at Guinness Storehouse are committed to applying the necessary resources and processes required to ensure that the following objectives and targets can be met:

  • Maintaining certification to the four leading international standard management systems adopted by Guinness Storehouse; ISO 9001, 14001, 20121 & OHSAS 18001.
  • Compliance with all relevant environmental, health, safety and social obligations, regulations, legislation and other applicable standard requirements.
  • Abide by a framework of implementing continuous Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety and Sustainability improvements and development through the setting of objectives and targets within the Guinness Storehouse.
  • Eliminate all health, safety and environmental hazards where reasonably practicable; thereafter adopting the hierarchy of control to reduce or control risks through substitution, engineering and administrative solutions or personal protective equipment.
  • Minimisation of energy, water use, solid waste, greenhouse gas, air and effluent emissions at source; optimisation of the use of raw materials; prevention of pollution and other negative social impacts.
  • Training, development and motivational support for employees so that they can be fully competent ambassadors of the Guinness Storehouse and conduct their work in a safe, environmentally, socially and financially responsible manner.
  • Providing staff representation and opportunities for participation in influencing management systems at every level of the business.
  • Ensuring that the Guinness Storehouse fully meets the requirements of our visitors by endeavouring to enhance the overall service quality and maintaining first class customer relations.

Paul Carty

Managing Director

Guinness Storehouse

April 2016