Crafted from the finest quality malt, hops and Irish barley, Guinness Extra Stout is a completely different drink to our more famous Guinness Draught. Also known as Guinness Original, this sharp and crisp carbonated beer dates from 1821 and is still brewed here on site.

Guinness Extra Stout: The original brew

Guinness Original started life as the Extra Superior version of our classic Guinness porter and comes straight from our archival recipes. While the classic recipe remains unchanged, the packaging has its own rich heritage. Originally bottled by individual pubs and grocers, there’s a huge range of bottle styles and labels – displayed in all their glory in our archives.

A place in history

In 1837, Benjamin Disraeli (the English Prime Minister) ordered Guinness with his oysters at the Carlton Hotel in London, forever changing the way our iconic brew is drunk. It’s the first recorded reference of pairing Guinness with food and continues to inspire all of our recipes today

I dined, or rather supped, at the Carlton with a large party off oysters, Guinness, and broiled broth, and got to bed at half past twelve o’clock. Thus ended the most remarkable day hitherto of my life.

- Benjamin Disraeli, 1837

Guinness and seafood

Follow in Disraeli’s footsteps by trying Guinness Extra with a platter of oysters at the 1837 Bar & Brasserie. Or experience a more modern coupling by ordering a bottle with another seafood dish like crab on toast or Irish seafood chowder. The dry roasted, slightly bitter taste of Guinness Original brings seafood to life.

Tasting notes of Guinness Extra Stout

Aroma: Medium and balanced. A roast character with subtle fermentation fruitiness
Flavour: A perfect rounded flavour of bitter and sweet
Palate: Smooth with a slight bite leading to a dry finish
ABV: 4.2%
Appearance: Distinctively black full bodied liquid with a rich creamy head