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Your Adventure Starts Here

Your trip to Ireland is not complete without visiting Dublin's #1 tourist attraction. While in Dublin, you can learn all about Guinness' rich history. As you walk through each floor you will learn what goes into making a perfect pint of Guinness.

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7th Floor

Our award-winning brewery tour concludes with spectacular 360 panoramic views of Dublin City and beyond from The Gravity Bar, where you can enjoy a free pint on us! See the Wicklow Mountains, where Guinness sources its fresh Irish water for brewing, and plan the next great thing you'll do in Dublin.

Gravity Bar

At the end of a long day, where better to savour a perfectly poured pint of the black stuff than sitting high above Dublin's historic rooftops? Broaden your horizons with 360° views across the city's magnificent skyline and plan your path to the next stop on your tour of Dublin.


5th Floor

Welcome to the Guinness Storehouse food experience floor. The fifth floor is home to our delicious restaurants where you can try some of traditional Guinness dishes such is the Guinness Irish stew, and visit Arthur’s Bar to enjoy a pint and some live musicians playing traditional Irish music.

Brewers' Dining Hall

Inspired by the 18th-and 19th-century dining rooms at St James's Gate, the Brewers' Dining Hall features an open kitchen and a menu of iconic Guinness® dishes and traditional Irish food. Take a break from your tour and grab a bite to eat before you move on.


1837 Bar & Brasserie

This relaxed eatery takes its name from the year that the now-famous pairing of Guinness with oysters first hit the headlines. Enjoy small plates, hearty mains and sharing platters designed to perfectly complement our bold, flavourful beers.

See our full menu here.

Arthur's Bar

A contemporary Irish pub with traditional Irish hospitality, Arthur’s Bar is a perfect location to soak up the atmosphere, sample Guinness beers paired with light bites, and savour breath-taking views of our fair city. You may even find a traditional Irish music session to get your toes tapping.

See our full menu here.

Connoisseur Experience

Book in at our luxurious private Connoisseur Bar for a tasting experience like no other. Taste the different types of Guinness while our expert staff take you on a journey leading right to the heart of the black stuff. Sláinte!


4th Floor

On the fourth floor, we welcome you to our Guinness Academy, where you learn to pour your own perfect pint of Guinness. Enjoy the pint you crafted yourself and receive a certificate from the academy. You can also book a private bar for the Connoisseur Experience with a personal guide to talk you through the flavours.

Guinness® Academy

Learn how to pour the perfect pint at the Guinness Academy. The six-step ritual's as legendary as the beer itself - from the 119.5 seconds it takes to pour to the iconic surge and eventual settle. After learning the process of pouring the perfect pint of the black stuff you will be awarded with a Guinnesss certifcation.


3rd Floor

On the third floor, you'll journey through the Guinness® World of Advertising, where you'll learn the story behind a fish on a bicycle, the whistling Oyster and interact with other famous Guinness creations in our long history of creative advertising - truly one of the most unique experiences in Dublin.

World of Advertising

Imagination: it's something we've never been short of. Immerse yourself in over eighty years of groundbreaking print, digital and TV campaigns in the Guinness® World of Advertising, interact with the ads, and take a memorable snap to insert yourself into the historic world of Guinness advertising.


2nd Floor

The Guinness tasting rooms challenge all your senses. Walk through our aroma room where you can savor swirling vapours of key tastes found in a Guinness - malted barley, beer esters, hops and roasted barley. Continue to our Velvet Chamber where you can learn the best way to enjoy Guinness

Tasting Experience

This multi-sensory tasting journey brings the distinctive flavours of our iconic stout to life. Awaken your senses, smell the distinct aromas before tasting the first velvet-smooth sip to the very last drop.


The Arthur Guinness Story

It all began with Arthur: a man with such a belief in his beer that he stamped his family name on it. Over two hundred years later, we're still honouring his legacy.


1st Floor

Master coopers hand-made the wooden barrels in which Guinness was transported, stacking them so high they were known as the 'Dublin Pyramids' by pilots viewing from overhead. See how the coopers played a vital role in preparing Guinness to be transported throughout Ireland and by sea to 150 countries.

Cooperage & Transport

From expert coopers to epic sea voyages, learn how our beer has been travelling the globe since 1769. Today, Guinness® is shipped to over 150 countries. The journey continues...


The Cooperage Café

The art of cooperage is built into the architecture of our modern Irish café. Enjoy coffee, pastries and sandwiches in a setting that pays homage to our humble but elegant barrels.


The Guinness® Retail Store

A must-visit for any Guinness fan, The Guinness Flagship Retail Store boasts the largest collection of Guinness memorabilia and exclusive merchandise in the world. Find out more


Ground Floor

The ground floor tells the story of the beer's four ingredients (water, barley, hops and yeast). The brewery tour starts in largest beer glass in the world. It would take 14.3 million pints to fill the giant glass atrium in the centre of the Guinness Storehouse building.

Our Brewing Story

Find out exactly what it takes to make the worlds most iconic stout. From our famous strain of yeast to the passion shared by all our brewers, we go to extraordinary lengths to bring you the world's number-one stout.

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