25 Sep 2012


Fans To Reveal Arthur's Day Message and Raise Over €30,000 for Arthur Guinness Fund

Tuesday, Sept 25th 2012: Today, the Guinness Storehouse officially launched a brand new Facebook application in line with Arthur's Day 'Paint The Town Black' theme, that will allow fans to paint a pixel on a canvass in the digital world that will trigger a real world action of spray painting a huge canvass in the Guinness Storehouse to reveal an Arthur's Day message.

This type of application, which can be found on the Guinness Ireland Facebook page, is being activated around the world from Dublin to Singapore and Indonesia and has never been seen in Ireland before. The application allows fans to get involved in painting the town black while raising funds for charities as, for each pixel painted, Guinness will donate €5 to the Arthur Guinness Fund, generating in excess of €30,000 for the fund on completion of the painting.

Starting from midday on Tuesday 25th September, the Facebook application will go live and will allow fans to claim pixels that will correlate to areas on the canvass that is hanging on the 1st floor of Guinness Storehouse. With 6600 pixels to paint, it is estimated that the final image will be created by midday on Wednesday 26th September.

According to Lisa Fitzsimons, Marketing Manager of the Guinness Storehouse, 'We are delighted that we are able to involve thousands of people in the creation of the real-world canvass at Guinness Storehouse. Fans of Guinness and the Guinness Storehouse can play their part in the creation of this canvass while continuing Arthur Guinness' philanthropic legacy and generating funds for the Arthur Guinness Fund benefiting many worthwhile social entrepreneurs in Ireland.'

Visitors to the Guinness Storehouse can interact with the application through teams of staff with iPads to claim their pixel and fans throughout Ireland can do so through their Facebook profile. Those who wish to see the real-world reveal can witness it on the 1st floor of the Guinness Storehouse.

The 'Paint The Town Black' can be found on the Guinness Ireland Facebook page and was developed by Tribal DDB London and a teaser video can be viewed here.

'This is a truly innovative campaign that blends technology and creativity to bring to life a traditional medium in a modern way,' according to Matt Oxley, Head of Creative Technology, Tribal DDB, London.

Established as part of Guinness 250th anniversary celebrations, the Arthur Guinness Fund is committed to investing funds to Social Entrepreneurial projects in order to continue the philanthropic legacy of Arthur Guinness. Since the fund was launched in 2009, Diageo have donated €3 million to the Arthur Guinness Fund, €2.35 million of which has already been distributed to 30 Irish social entrepreneurial projects & the remaining fund will be used to support future Irish social entrepreneurs in the coming years.


Key Facts & Figures

  • The canvass in the Guinness Storehouse measures 6 x 4m and is made up of 6600 pixels
  • Approximately 200 cans of spray paint will be used in 4 different colours
  • Each pixel claimed will result in a €5 donation to the Arthur Guinness Fund, totalling €33,000 donated by Guinness to the Arthur Guinness Fund on completion.
  • The application will see the use of a spider plotter to paint the real world canvass. The spider plotter is a giant scale printer controlled live over the Internet by Facebook users. Almost every part of printer has been custom designed and machined. Using industrial grade motors and gearboxes coupled with custom software and electronics the plotter can move with 0.03 millimetre accuracy.
  • It took a team of engineers 2,600 hours to programme the application.

For further information please contact:

Justine Luykx / Shane Lennon, WHPR. Tel: 01-6690030

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