Celebra el Festival de San Patricio en la Guinness Storehouse

¿Te encanta el día de San Patricio? ¡Qué mejor sitio para celebrarlo que Guinness Storehouse, la casa oficial de Guinness! Reserva los días del 15 al 18 de marzo y no te pierdas la 13ª edición del Festival de San Patricio que organizamos cada año.

Traéte a tus amigos y #CelebremosJuntos los cuatros días de San Patricio en la atracción turística más popular de Irlanda. Ven a disfrutar de la mejor música en vivo, comida deliciosa y, por supuesto, de la pinta de Guinness perfecta. No hay mejor sitio que este para pasar el día de San Patricio.

Pases VIP (Very Important Patricks)
¿Tienes algún amigo que se llame Patrick, Patricia o Patryk? Si es así, ¡ellos entran gratis! Sí, lo has leído bien: queremos invitar a todos aquellos que tengan como nombre de pila Patrick o una de sus variantes (ver la lista completa aquí) a que vengan el día de 17 de marzo a celebrar San Patricio con nosotros completamente GRATIS.

The home of the Black Stuff is going green
Take a stroll through Dublin during Ireland’s favourite holiday and you’ll see famous buildings and landmarks everywhere lit up in green. Naturally, the iconic Guinness Storehouse will be joining in the vibrant celebrations by going green too. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Your ticket to live music and entertainment
Visit the Guinness Storehouse during the St. Patrick’s Day Festival for magical entertainment on every floor. This year, we’re hosting Irish Dance flash mobs, drummers, DJs – you name it.

Expect to see (and hear) two of America’s largest marching bands, from Illinois. An Irish indie rock band will also be making a surprise appearance. We don’t want to spoil things by telling you who, but let’s just say they’ve been making waves in the music world for some time now…

Enjoy a festival of food and drink too
Take your taste buds on a sensory journey during the St. Patrick’s Day Festival at the Guinness Storehouse. There will be lots of tantalising food samples readily available and a seaweed stout special guest beer from the Open Gate Brewery. Make sure to visit all our food offerings on the 5th floor.

Toasting St. Patrick’s Day
Visit the Guinness Storehouse during the St. Patrick’s Day Festival for magical entertainment on every floor. This year, we’re hosting Irish Dance flash mobs, drummers, DJs – you name it.

What makes the perfect cheese toastie? Is it the cheese? The bread? Whether it’s grilled, fried or buttered on both sides? If you love a good cheese toastie, you’ll love our latest pairing idea.

We’re partnering with Carrigaline Farmhouse Cheese, whose artisan cheesemaking skills mean you’ll be able to buy the perfect cheese toastie to go with your perfect pint of Guinness.

Supper Club – March 15th and 16th, 8pm
We’ll be hosting our popular Supper Club once again. This year, we welcome internationally acclaimed Irish chef, Ian Doyle. Head chef of Oaxen Krog, Stockholm and formerly of Noma – two venues known for their dedication to their craft and quality.

The menu will feature the very best Irish meat and seafood, paired with bold tasting beers, served up with great conversation and live music.

Each evening, Ian will be joined by Executive Guinness chef Justin O’Conner and one of our beer specialists, who’ll be discussing what foods to pair with Dublin’s most famous pint – so make sure you don’t miss this one.

Get a taste of Dublin’s history with a Heritage Walk
This St. Patrick’s Day, why not savour the historic sights and sounds of the city where Guinness was born?

Led by a Guinness Archivist, our magical walking tour starts, naturally, at St. Patrick’s Day Cathedral. From there, you’ll meander through The Liberties, an ancient neighbourhood filled with traditional Irish pubs.

A long the way, you’ll see plenty of urban street art commemorating Dublin’s special relationship with the Black Stuff. Combined tickets that include entry to the Open Gate Brewery are also available.