Meet the faces of the Guinness Archive

Photograph of Archive session in the research room, two women with label ledger and Gilroy painting.

What We Do

The Guinness Archive is managed by a team of professional archivists who are responsible for the preservation, curation and proliferation of the history of Guinness.

The Guinness Archive team curates the history, culture and corporate memory of Guinness. The team manages diverse archival material encompassing brewing books, trade ledgers, personnel files, packaging (including vintage bottles and cans), artafacts, advertising material (from signs and glasses to ashtrays and beermats) and much more.  If placed end to end, the Archive’s paper collection would stretch to an incredible 7km and it is the only corporate archive in Ireland that is open to the public.

The Archive is a living collection, actively growing and changing, and encompasses digital archives as well as paper-based records. The team is capturing the Archive of today to ensure we have an Archive of tomorrow.

Eibhlin Colgan, Archive Manager

Eibhlin has been at the helm of the Guinness Archive since 2001. She has overseen the development of a living archive and is a longstanding champion of the Guinness story. Eibhlin has a passion for bringing the heritage of the brand to life and using that legacy to inform future innovations and developments. Eibhlin’s love of Guinness extends not just to the beer but the brand as part of the fabric of Irish culture. Eibhlin has the unique distinction of being both an archivist and a qualified brewer, completing a General Certificate in Brewing with the Institute of Brewing and Distilling.

Eibhlin Colgan, Archives Manager, photographed in the Guinness Archive Research Room

Éilis Crowe, Archivist

Éilis is responsible for our paper-based collections. Her focus on cataloguing means that she knows the collections inside and out. Éilis’s keen interest in Latin and palaeography led her to the world of archives and she has been an invaluable member of the Guinness Archive team since 2019.

Photograph of Éilis Crowe, Archivist, in the Guinness Archives Research Room.

Leanne Harrington, Digital Archivist

Leanne is an archivist with over a decade of experience working with a broad range of collections, spanning medieval manuscripts to the world of Guinness. Since January 2022, her focus has turned to digital preservation and the management of the brand’s digital archives to ensure their long-term preservation, access, and use.

Photograph of Leanne Harrington, Digital Archivist, in the Guinness Archives Research Room.