Our commitment to promoting positive drinking is a core pillar of our ‘Society 2030: Spirit of Progress’ action plan. We want to change the way the world drinks for the better. That means promoting moderation and continuing to address the harmful use of alcohol.

Our public Wi-Fi landing page directs all users to DRINKiQ . The right information empowers visitors to make the right choices and DRINKiQ is one of the most important tools we have in promoting moderation and addressing the harmful use of alcohol such as binge drinking. We also have a permanent DRINKiQ exhibit on the first floor.

Together with UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research) we launched an interactive learning experience, The Wrong Side of the Road, allowing our visitors to have a conversation with a drink driver, to understand the effects of alcohol, and the shame and stigma that come with drink driving. 


We have a strong track record of ensuring our brand depicts and encourages only responsible drinking and our marketing team continues to promote moderation in new and creative ways. The Diageo Marketing Code (DMC) is our mandatory minimum marketing standard which goes beyond what is required by law for alcohol marketing. It governs how we, and anyone we work with, must operate, and it guides every aspect of our marketing activities.


All our team members are trained in the Responsible Service of Alcohol as part of their onboarding. It provides our team with the knowledge and confidence to handle difficult situations surrounding the service of alcohol and most importantly to serve our visitors in a safe and lawful manner.


We have five water refill stations throughout the Experience and promote Guinness Clear in all our bars. We also offer Guinness 0.0 in all of our bars, which is 0% alcohol.