Safety, Sustainability, Environment & Quality

The GUINNESS STOREHOUSE® is committed to continual improvement in developing higher standards in the management of Quality; Safety, Health & Welfare; Environment & Sustainability.

To achieve these higher standards the leadership at Guinness Storehouse are committed to applying the necessary resources and processes required to ensure that the following objectives and targets can be met. To read the Guinness Storehouse SSEQ Policy in full please follow Link:

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The soul of the Guinness Storehouse lies in the quality experience we offer, derived from the heritage of the brand itself and the skills of our people, both past and present. Our quality purpose is to be the platinum Guinness brand experience and our mission is to convert everyone we touch into a Guinness Ambassador.



Safety, Health & Welfare

Guinness Storehouse is committed to protecting employees and others, such as neighbours, contractors and visitors from ill health, accidents and all safety risks associated with our activities on site; The welfare of our staff and visitors is fundamental in ensuring that we continue to prosper. The commitment, pride and enthusiasm of all who work here is our most precious asset, through them we strive to create a zero harm culture in all our activities and events.



Environment & Sustainability

Sustainable development and protecting the environment of Dublin communities has been a core philosophy of the Guinness company since it was founded in 1759. We, at Guinness Storehouse, are committed to retaining this philosophy by being leaders in helping to build a thriving community where we do business; and by playing our part in preserving the local environ where our colleagues, neighbours and visitors; work, live and play.


  Safety, Sustainability, Environment & Quality (SSEQ) Policy