First Floor

It’s Time to Meet Arthur Guinness

You can’t visit the Guinness Storehouse without meeting the man himself - the visionary Arthur Guinness. From humble beginnings, he had a dream to brew a great beer. He bought the brewery at St James’s Gate, Dublin in 1759 and settled in for a long stay.

What You’ll Discover on This Floor

As you journey deeper into the heart of Guinness at the Guinness Storehouse you’ll uncover the founder of our world-renowned stout – Arthur Guinness himself. Hear how he married two years after he opened his Dublin brewery and find out more about his bride Olivia.

Follow the aromas of roasted barley past gigantic wooden vats and spy the handwritten numbers circled on the outside. As you explore the roasting room, pose for a selfie in a gigantic copper kettle or beside the Guinness train.

Discover how 300 coopers handmade 1,000 casks every week from hot wet oak that became known as the Dublin Pyramids. Marvel at the hand carved ‘pint’ chiselled with the story of Guinness.

You’ll get to raise a toast to Arthur’s legacy for yourself on the next floor.

The Arthur Guinness Story

Uncover the story behind Arthur Guinness, a man with only one known portrait but with millions of signatures all across the world.

Explore the Second Floor

Master the time-honoured art of tasting Guinness as you experience the unique Tasting Rooms at the Guinness Storehouse.

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