The Gravity Bar

A Milestone in the Guinness Storehouse History

Perched atop the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland, the Gravity Bar is an iconic spot that offers breathtaking 360-degree views of the city, while you savour a pint of the world-renowned Guinness stout. This unique space, enveloped in glass and steel, tells a story of innovation, tradition, and a deep love for beer that started with Arthur Guinness in 1759.

A Few Fun Facts About the Gravity Bar:

1. Designed to look like the head of a pint glass towering above the famous St. James’s Gate
2. Sits 46m above the Dublin Streets
3. 360-degree views from the Dublin Mountains as far as Howth Head
4. Went through a 16-month expansion at a cost €20m
5. Can hold up to 500 people
6. World leaders, Celebrities, and Royalty have all visited and experienced the Gravity Bar
7. The Gravity Bar is as tall as 300 pints of Guinness, and it would take 2.6 millions pint of Guinness to fill it.

The Origins of the Guinness Storehouse and Gravity Bar

The history of the Gravity Bar begins with the inception of the Guinness Storehouse. The Storehouse itself is located in the St. James's Gate Brewery, an area that Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000-year lease on in 1759. The lease showed Guinness's faith in his creation and the confidence he had in its enduring appeal .

The building that houses the Storehouse and Gravity Bar was constructed between 1902 and 1904 and used as a fermentation plant by the brewery until its closure in 1988. The building's design was inspired by the Chicago School of Architecture, becoming the first steel-framed structures of its kind in Ireland.

The transformation of the building into a visitor centre commenced in 1997, opening its doors to the public in 2000. The aim was to create a space that told the rich history of Guinness and its brewing process, while simultaneously providing visitors with an immersive, memorable experience.

As part of this transformation, the Gravity Bar was conceptualized as the crowning jewel, situated on the seventh floor of the Storehouse. This bar, designed by UK-based design firm Imagination in collaboration with Irish architects RKD, was envisioned as a unique space where visitors could appreciate Dublin's skyline while enjoying the product that is so entwined with the city's history.

The bar takes its name from a brewing term 'gravity' and is also a nod to the gravity-defying position of the bar on the roof of the original building.

Four friends happily talking and enjoying pints of Guinness at the Gravity Bar

Evolution and Expansion of the Gravity Bar

The Gravity Bar quickly became a popular spot for tourists and locals alike, providing unmatched panoramic views of Dublin city. Recognizing the need to cater to growing visitor numbers, the Gravity Bar underwent a major 16-month long expansion. The project, costing €20 million, doubled the bar's capacity.

Irish architectural firm RKD again took the helm for this expansion, integrating a unique design that maintained the original look and feel while offering more space for visitors.

Dublin-based street artist Aches was commissioned to create bespoke art installation that features on four walls throughout the bar. These unique, eye-catching artworks demonstrate the evolving creativity of the city of Dublin and the story of Guinness through the ages.

The expanded Gravity Bar was unveiled in 2020, providing more room for guests to enjoy their pint and the views without feeling crowded.

Drone view of the Guinness Storehouse

Today's Gravity Bar

Today, the Gravity Bar stands as a testament to Guinness’s past, present, and future. While enjoying your pint of stout, you can gaze upon the city that has been home to Guinness for over two and a half centuries. It also serves as an iconic location and backdrop to any event as its available to hire for private functions and events with a maximum capacity of 500 for a drink’s reception, 300 capacity for a stand-up buffet, or why not enjoy a sit-down dinner with a maximum capacity for 208 people.

The Gravity Bar has become an embodiment of the Guinness brand itself - an intersection of history, tradition, and innovation. This space is not just a bar or a venue to hire in Dublin, it’s where visitors around the globe gather to enjoy one the world’s most famous beers. It's an experience, a milestone in the journey of Guinness, and a tribute to Dublin itself.

The Gravity Bar is a destination, a testament to the foresight of Arthur Guinness and the enduring appeal of the iconic stout that bears his name. Its history is interwoven with that of the Guinness brand, making it a place where every visitor can feel a part of the rich tapestry of Guinness’s storied past and promising future.

Group of people smiling and enjoying a pint og Guinness in Gravity bar

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