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Exploring The Past, Present and Future of Saint James's Gate
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Join us on the Official Guinness Brewery Tour, exploring the past, present and future of St. James’s Gate. With our premium offering, we invite you to come ‘Behind the Gates’ of our historic St. James’s Gate Brewery for the ultimate Guinness experience. What better way to make your visit to Dublin than with the tour of a lifetime?

Not many people get to say they’ve followed in Arthur Guinness’ footsteps through historic railway lines and across the cobbled stones. You’ll be among the few visitors to go to the Roast House, where we roast our barley to 232 degrees Celsius. And, you’ll get to experience the infamous underground passenger tunnel that leads to Brewhouse 4, our state of the art brewery where Guinness is brewed today.

After all that walking and learning, finish up with a guided beer and food tasting led by Guinness Beer Specialists featuring limited edition brews at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery, our on-site experimental brewery. We’ll also send you home with a gift to commemorate your tour and your time at Guinness.

Tickets are €95 per person for the 2 hour tour, including beer and food tasting. Capacity and tour times are limited so don’t miss out on the opportunity to book this bucket-list experience or fantastic present for a loved one!


You’ll begin your tour where it all began, with Arthur Guinness in 1759. You may know about the historic 9,000 year lease that Arthur signed but you’ll also learn all about Arthur’s humble beginnings when he arrived in Dublin. In addition to the family history, you’ll see some of the oldest parts of the site, visiting the 200-year-old Vat Houses where Guinness was matured for months before being sent to the four corners of the world. Walking among the tracks of the old railway lines, we’ll discuss the social history of the Guinness brewery and the immense impact it had on the city of Dublin and on the world. As we pivot to the future, you’ll understand how brewing on site has evolved, from the types of beers brewed and methods used, to the equipment and brewhouses that were in operation (including the function of what is now the Guinness Storehouse!).


Next up on your brewery tour, you’ll learn all about the ingredients used in our brewing process and experience how our stout comes to life. You’ll be among the very few visitors who get to see the inner workings of Guinness production. We’ll head into the Roast House, which will allow you to see first-hand the art and science of roasting our barley, which provides the unique aroma and flavour in every pint of Guinness.

Next, you’ll journey through the legendary underground passenger tunnel to reach the furthest end of our site, Brewhouse 4. It is only the 4th Brewhouse to be constructed at St. James’s Gate in over 250 years. A centre for brewing excellence, Brewhouse 4 shows just how vast the Guinness operation is today as one of the largest, most efficient breweries in the world.


After your walking tour, we’re sure you’ll have worked up an appetite so we’ll head over to the Guinness Open Gate Brewery, our experimental brewery, where your guide will take you through a tutored beer and food pairing. You’ll get to sample beers you can’t find anywhere else in the world (and the classics, of course), and understand the delight of pairing the right beer with the right food. Head home with our parting gift and the memory (and photos!) of the Guinness Brewery Tour.


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