Soon Is Now exhibition

July 11th to August 31st 2020
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A celebration of global and local artists at the Home of Guinness

The Home of Guinness has long celebrated creativity, through the craft of storytelling, advertising, the art of brewing or hosting performances by artists, musicians and visual creatives.

We are thrilled to continue this celebration with an exclusive exhibition at the Home of Guinness, in partnership with the Creatives Against Covid-19 campaign.

SOON IS NOW Exhibition

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Creatives Against Covid-19 project invited submissions from around the world to explore interpretations of the word ‘SOON’. This word inspired a sense of optimism, unity, hope and patience that struck a chord around the world – and the result was a collection of hundreds of pieces of art that truly captured a moment in time.

From July 11th to August 31st 2020, we will host this unique collection at the Home of Guinness, exhibited as ‘Soon is Now’ – celebrating the postponed moments of togetherness that we can now enjoy.

Throughout the building, you can also unearth the world of Guinness advertising and the renowned work of John Gilroy. Finally, when you reach the top, enjoy the exceptional view from our newly revamped Gravity Bar, with a backdrop of specially commissioned work by Irish street artist Aches.

Have you purchased a Creatives Against Covid-19 print?

To mark this outstanding work, and all those who supported this initiative, we’d like to offer one on the house from the Home of Guinness. All those who purchase a Creatives Against Covid-19 print will receive free entry to the Home of Guinness, including a complimentary beverage. Creatives Against Covid-19 will send print purchasers an email with a code to book your complimentary visit.

Experience this outstanding work of creatives from across the globe together in one place, celebrating the talent that can be unlocked during times of uncertainty.