The Best Beer Tasting Experiences in Dublin

The rich brewing legacy in Dublin makes it one of the most interesting places to explore beer tasting experiences. At one point in time, there were over 50 brewers in Dublin alone. While that number has now decreased, brewers like Guinness have stood the test of time espousing the expertise that comes from years of practice. In 2024, visitors to Dublin will find a range of enticing options for beer tasting experiences that encompass past and present, innovation and experience, and are sure to satisfy every palette.

Connoisseur Experience – Guinness Storehouse

Connoisseur ExperienceThis premium experience is made for those who want to take a deep dive into the origins and taste of Guinness. This is part of the Guinness Storehouse’s elevated experiences which means you will begin your visit with a self-guided tour around the Storehouse in St. James’ Gate, learning about the ingredients, history, and legacy of Guinness. Then with a small, intimate group and a personal guide, you’ll be taken on a fascinating adventure through several varieties of Guinness, teasing out their unique taste profiles, nuanced aromas, and flavours all while gaining an unrivalled insight into their brewing process. The cherry on top? Your unique experience will be capped off by learning how to pour your own pint of Guinness as taught by the masters themselves.

Guinness Open Gate Brewery

It’s official that the Guinness Open Gate Brewery reopens to the public on May 23rd 2024. This open brewery is the home of innovation in Guinness where brewers are constantly fusing local ingredients and unique flavours to create a variety of limited-edition and experimental brews on rotation for you to explore. That means with each visit to the open brewery you can enjoy a new Guinness experience.

Past concoctions from the brewers at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery range from a refreshing Sea Salt & Lime Lager to the Chocolate Milk Stout. Meanwhile, some of the new brews visitors can look forward to include a tantalizing Watermelon Spritz and the moreish Rye Reserve Stout.

And, Guinness Open Gate Brewery has Guinness 0.0 on draught, should you prefer a non-alcoholic pint. What’s more, a full menu is on offer that’s not only seasonal but specifically curated to pair perfectly alongside the beers on rotation.

Guinness Storehouse + Roe & Co Distillery Experience

Flavours Experience at Roe & Co DistillerySpeaking of perfect pairings, the Guinness Storehouse and Roe & Co Distillery have teamed up to offer a combination like no other. For those who seek an introduction to the breath of Dublin’s brewing and distilling past and present, look no further than this double experience. Take a self-guided tour through the Guinness Storehouse soaking up seven floors devoted to Guinness before enjoying a pint of the black stuff yourself at the state-of-the-art Gravity Bar. Then, venture just a few minutes’ walk away to discover Roe & Co Distillery, the home of a modern Irish whiskey that pays homage to the long-forgotten distiller formerly the biggest in Ireland. Here you’ll roll up your sleeves for a guided cocktail workshop where you’ll choose your own whiskey-based cocktail according to your palate and come away with an understanding of the innovation taking place within this old Guinness Powerhouse. There are non-alcoholic options at both venues if you would prefer this.

Sensory Friendly Experiences at the Guinness Storehouse

Beer tasting experiences are for everyone and on select dates throughout the year, The Guinness Storehouse offers sensory friendly experiences suitable for neurodivergent visitors and those accompanying them. These experiences include noise and light reduction, increased training of staff, and signage marking potential sensory triggers to provide a welcoming atmosphere for all.  

For more information on the full range of experiences at offer at the Guinness Storehouse, click here.

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