Get the Most from Your Guinness Storehouse Experience

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Guinness Storehouse experience tours. You've wisely chosen to journey into the heart of the craft - the Guinness Storehouse, where you'll find stories and secrets that turn the humble pint into something truly magical. But, before you ride that wave of frothy goodness, let's talk a little about how you can get the most from one of the best tours in Dublin. 

Visitors reading signage about the correct temperature to roast the barley in order to create the unique flavour, aroma and colour of Guinness

1. Preparation in Key 

The Guinness Storehouse is wildly popular. So, to avoid queues, it’s advisable to purchase tickets online in advance. Visiting during off-peak times (early morning or late afternoon) can further enhance your experience by avoiding large crowds. 

Next, think about what to wear. Comfort is key. You will be doing plenty of walking, so save those dancing shoes for another day. Lastly, do some light reading on Guinness. Knowing a bit about our history makes your visit much more exciting. It’s like getting to know a movie plot before you watch it - just without the spoilers. 

2. Embark on a Self-Guided Tour

Alright! Now that you're actually inside the magnificent Guinness Storehouse, what's the plan? The Guinness Storehouse offers an immersive self-guided tour. Exploring at your own pace allows you to truly appreciate each exhibit. From the brewing process to the iconic advertising campaigns, take your time to soak in the history and remarkable achievements of the Guinness brand. 

3. Fully Explore Each Floor

Every floor at the Storehouse offers a unique experience. From the brewing floor explaining the beer-making process, to the tasting rooms, to the advertising floor showcasing Guinness' creative ads over the years, there is a lot to explore. One of the highlights is the "Cooperage & Transport" exhibition that displays the craft of the coopers who built the barrels to transport Guinness worldwide. Don't rush your visit; ensure you explore every corner. 

4. Attend a Beer Tasting Session

Don't miss out on the beer tasting sessions offered at the Guinness Storehouse as part of the Connoisseur Experience. Sampling the beer can be the highlight of the tour! Savour every sip and try to recognise the different flavours. But remember, this isn't a race, and our brews deserve not to be rushed. Here, you'll learn about the different Guinness variants and how to discern between them by noting the nuances in taste, texture, and aroma. This sensory experience is a must-do for all beer lovers! 

5. Learn to Pour a Beautiful Pint of Guinness

At the Guinness Academy, you can learn how to pour a beautiful pint of Guinness. Guided by experts, you’ll learn the legendary six-step ritual and pour your own pint; and even receive a certificate at the end. The technique of pouring a pint of Guinness is an art, and mastering it is a fun and rewarding experience. And, if you really want to impress our experts, take a look at our guide to the beautiful pour in advance of your visit. 

6. Keep Those Energy Levels Up

The Guinness Storehouse is packed with places to eat and drink. From a quick bite in the Cooperage Café to full-service dining experience at the 1837 Bar & Brasserie, we have you and you group covered. With so much to discover and experience during your tour, why rush! You’ve got plenty of time to stop, relax and soak up the atmosphere. Making the most of your visit. 

7. Enjoy the 360-Degree View at The Gravity Bar

Make sure to conclude your tour with a visit to the Gravity Bar on the top floor. Your ticket includes a complimentary pint of Guinness, and there’s no better place to enjoy it than here, with panoramic views of Dublin. It's the perfect spot to relax, sip your beer, and reflect on your tour. 

8. Take Home a Souvenir

Don't forget to visit the retail store on your way out. From clothing and barware to special editions of Guinness, there's plenty to choose from. Whether for yourself or as a gift for someone, a souvenir will be a wonderful reminder of your Guinness Storehouse journey. 

9. Make a Day of It

Last but not least, try to incorporate a visit to the Guinness Storehouse into a broader itinerary. The surrounding area, including St. James's Gate Brewery, has a lot of historic and cultural significance. Local dining options are plentiful, and nearby attractions like St. Patrick’s Cathedral, or the Dublin Zoo can make your day a full, rewarding cultural exploration. 

Visiting the Guinness Storehouse is about more than beer. It's about understanding the craftsmanship, culture, and history of one of Ireland's most beloved brands. It's about experiencing the very essence of Irish hospitality. With these tips in hand, you're set to make the most of your Guinness Storehouse experience. Sláinte! 

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