Walk in the Footsteps of Arthur Guinness on a New Brewery Experience

It’s no secret that Guinness is steeped in history and tradition. But how familiar are you with the origins of the black stuff? During a new one-of-a-kind experience, you have the chance to step back in time and explore the rich legacy that made Guinness what it is today.

Step into St. James’s Gate Brewery

Once upon a New Year’s Eve in Dublin, Arthur Guinness signed the now iconic 9,000-year lease on St. James’s Gate Brewery. On this unique experience, you’ll walk in his footsteps through the now famous 1759 gate, on your journey into Arthur Guinness’ Victorian living room. It’s the perfect backdrop to hear the riveting tale of beers and breweries: a story of humble origins, determination and daring entrepreneurship. It won’t be long before you’re whisked into the heart of operations to learn about the small but pivotal steps that led to the creation of an empire.

Member of staff greeting visitors in front of Arthur Guinness' former house

Access Exclusive Areas

The story of Guinness is full of twists, turns, and unexpected segways. It’s only fitting we take you into some of the more exclusive areas of James’s Gate which preserve the living history of this incredible story. Discover areas usually off-limits to the public including the remnants of the original four-acre brewery. You’ll hear the fascinating origin story against the perfect backdrop of Vat House 1 - the oldest surviving building on the St James’s Gate brewery site, built during Arthurs’ lifetime.

Four visitors following tour guide while visiting the famous Guinness brewery tunnels

Uncover the Secrets of Brewing and Branding

Delve further behind the scenes of the operations, from intrigues in the original Victorian offices to the infamous Guinness Bank, which reveals the ever-growing scale of operations and the stories of the workers through the ages. You’ll wander through the eras as you admire each Brewhouse, uncovering the evolving history of brewing and branding. At the Roast House, be guided into a sensory experience where you’ll discover the distinctive Guinness roast flavour. However, some of the best secrets are buried below ground and that’s why we’ll take you into the extensive Guinness tunnel network where you’ll uncover the hidden spiral train lines lying beneath the brewery itself.

Tour guide explaining to visitors how Guinness in produced

Enjoy lunch and then a visit at the Gravity Bar

Everyone knows a pint of Guinness is delicious on its own. But do you know what it can be perfectly paired with? After extensive samplings, we’ve found the perfect accompaniment to a pint of Guinness to delight your tastebuds. Enjoy a delicious lunch at 1837 Bar & Brasserie, named after the year Guinness and oysters were declared a perfect match! Learn how to pour your own pint in our six-step ritual at the Guinness Academy before ending your experience at our renowned Gravity Bar, where you can enjoy a pint overlooking Dublin’s skyline.

Two visitors enjoying Guinness and oysters on Gravity Bar while chat with the chef

This tour is one of our tiered experiences, designed to elevate your trip to the Guinness Storehouse. Perfect for beer enthusiasts and novices alike, there’s few better ways to spend a morning or afternoon in Dublin than by stepping through the historic black gates and witnessing the history of Guinness brought to life around you. Over 18s only and currently only available in English.

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