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Dublin Edition

You might find yourself planning what activities to do during your stay in Dublin and turn to Google to do a “….near me” search. Well, if that is the case and you find yourself Googling “brewery tour near me” you’re in luck, we’re here to help.

Ireland is globally celebrated for its rich brewing and distilling tradition. Its capital, Dublin, is home to an assortment of breweries and distilleries that have played a significant role in crafting the country's unique cultural and social landscape. From the iconic Guinness Storehouse to the historic Jameson Distillery Bow St., and innovative new establishments like the Teeling Whiskey Distillery, these sites offer a window into Ireland's storied past, and a taste of its vibrant present. Beyond the drinks, the tours provide immersive and engaging experiences, steeped in heritage, ingenuity, and a touch of Irish charm. Whether you're a beer enthusiast, a whiskey connoisseur, or simply interested in exploring Ireland's culture, these tours offer a distinct, unforgettable taste of Dublin.

1. Guinness Storehouse

St James's Gate, Dublin 8.

It's in the heart of the city and is easily accessible by public transport. The Storehouse is one of Dublin's top tourist destinations, so it's well signposted and known by locals. While the Guinness Storehouse is not working Brewery in the traditional sense, it is steeped in the history of the Guinness brewing process as well as an immersive experience into all things Guinness.

3 Reasons to Visit:

  1. Educational: Learn the rich history of Guinness, from its humble beginnings to its global presence today. You'll also get a look into the beer-making process.
  2. Spectacular Views: The Gravity Bar on the top floor offers a 360-degree view of Dublin.
  3. Interactive: From pouring your own pint to interactive exhibits about Guinness advertising, there are a lot of engaging activities.

The Guinness Storehouse is an iconic seven-story building situated at the heart of Dublin, Ireland. It is a part of the historic St. James's Gate Brewery, the birthplace of the world-renowned Guinness beer. The Storehouse functions as a museum, charting the rich history and heritage of the Guinness brand since its establishment by Arthur Guinness in 1759.

Inside, visitors can explore various interactive exhibits that delve into the brewing process, the ingredients used, and the story behind its iconic advertising campaigns. The experience culminates at the Gravity Bar on the top floor, which provides breath-taking 360-degree views over Dublin cityscape. Here, visitors can enjoy a complimentary pint of Guinness, poured to perfection. It's a must-visit location for any beer aficionado or history enthusiast.

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Three friends laughing and enjoying their experience in the Guinness Storehouse

2. Roe & Co Distillery

92 James St, The Liberties, Dublin 8.

3 Reasons to Visit:

  1. Location: Its unique location in the former Guinness power station gives it a special industrial aesthetic.
  2. Interactive Tour: The tour is highly interactive, including a cocktail workshop.
  3. Whiskey and Cocktail Tasting: Enjoy tasting their smooth and well-balanced whiskey and the cocktails you make.

Roe & Co Distillery is a contemporary urban whiskey distillery located in the heart of Dublin, Ireland, in the historic former Guinness Power Station. Reviving the legacy of George Roe, a legendary name in Irish whiskey.

The distillery offers a remarkable experience for whiskey enthusiasts, where they can explore the art of distillation and partake in blending their own whiskey. It features state-of-the-art production facilities, a whiskey bar, a cocktail workshop, and a captivating visitor experience that unveils the rich history of Irish whiskey through interactive storytelling.

Visitors can learn about the intricate process of whiskey making from grain to glass, explore the significance of each ingredient, and witness the maturation process in oak casks. The highlight of the tour is a tasting experience where visitors can savour the distinct flavours of Roe & Co's blended whiskey. The on-site cocktail bar also serves innovative concoctions inspired by the brand's unique character.

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The powerhouse bar inside Roe & Co Distillery. The décor is leather with plants and lots of lighting, with a bar running along one side of the wall.

3. Jameson Distillery

Bow St, Smithfield, Dublin 7.

3 Reasons to Visit:

  1. Whiskey Tasting: Get a chance to participate in a comparative whiskey tasting, understanding the difference between Scotch, American, and Irish whiskey.
  2. Interactive: You can also enroll in their whiskey blending workshop or cocktail making class.
  3. Historic Venue: The distillery is where the Jameson brand was born and is steeped in history.

The Jameson Distillery, also known as Jameson Distillery Bow St., is a significant cultural and historical attraction situated in Smithfield, Dublin. Originally established in 1780, it was where John Jameson, a Scottish lawyer, began his ambitious journey to create a whiskey that would be renowned worldwide.

Though production has since moved to Midleton, Cork, the Bow Street location has been beautifully restored and converted into an immersive visitor centre. It provides a comprehensive, interactive journey through the history and production of Jameson's Irish Whiskey. Visitors can learn about the founder, the ingredients used, and the distillation process that gives Jameson its unique character.

Tours include whiskey blending and tasting workshops, barrel cooperage demonstrations, and even the chance to taste some of Jameson's premium and aged whiskeys. One of the key attractions is the Jameson Bar, where visitors can enjoy a wide range of whiskey cocktails after their tour. It is an essential visit for any whiskey enthusiast or those interested in the rich heritage of Dublin's spirit industry.

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The bar area of the Jameson Whiskey Distillery, there are barrels stacked on the wall and Jameson bottles behind a glass wall. There are stools on the floor and pictures on the wall.

4. Teeling Whiskey Distillery

13-17 Newmarket, The Liberties, Dublin 8.

3 Reasons to Visit:

  1. Unique Products: Teeling Whiskey is known for its innovative products, like their Single Grain, Small Batch, and Single Malt whiskeys.
  2. Guided Tour: You will be guided by knowledgeable staff who explain the whiskey-making process in detail.
  3. Local Business Support: It's a family-owned distillery, so visiting it supports a local business.

The Teeling Whiskey Distillery, located in the historic Liberties area of Dublin, is a trailblazer in the Irish whiskey industry. This state-of-the-art facility offers a hands-on experience of the whiskey-making process, from grain to glass. Visitors can see the inner workings of the distillery, including the mash tun, fermentation vats, and the three copper pot stills affectionately named after the daughters of the founder: Alison, Natalie, and Rebecca.

The guided tours provide insights into the history of whiskey distilling in Dublin, the unique Teeling production process, and the craft of whiskey making. The distillery also houses a cafe, gift shop, and offers panoramic views of the city. It's a must-visit spot for whiskey enthusiasts and those interested in Dublin's cultural heritage.

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The Telling Whiskey Distillery with beautiful mountains and houses in the background. There is a rooster on top of the Teelings building.

5. The Dublin Liberties Distillery

33 Mill St, The Liberties, Dublin.

3 Reasons to Visit:

  1. Unique Atmosphere: The location, in Dublin's historic Liberties area, provides a unique backdrop for a distillery tour.
  2. In-depth tours: The tours are known for their educational depth, perfect for whiskey enthusiasts wanting to learn more.
  3. Craftsmanship: Their craft approach to whiskey production makes for a unique experience.

The Dublin Liberties Distillery, located in the heart of Dublin's historic Liberties district, is a vibrant addition to the Irish whiskey landscape. The distillery is housed in a beautifully renovated 400-year-old building that artfully combines the old-world charm of Dublin with contemporary design. The interior showcases traditional copper pot stills and oak casks, paying homage to the classic whiskey making process.

Offering a fully immersive experience, the guided tours at the Dublin Liberties Distillery give visitors a behind-the-scenes look into the complete whiskey-making journey. This includes the art of distillation, maturation, and blending, with expert guides sharing the rich history and lore of whiskey in the Liberties.

The distillery also features a bar where visitors can indulge in whiskey cocktails and a retail shop that carries their full range of Dublin Liberties and Dubliner whiskies. The Dublin Liberties Distillery is a fantastic destination for whiskey lovers and history buffs alike.

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The inside of the Dublin Liberties Distillery. The walls are full of stacked barrels with large pot stills on whiskey on the opposite side.

6. Pearse Lyons Distillery, 33 Mill St, The Liberties, Dublin.

33 Mill St, The Liberties, Dublin.

3 Reasons to Visit:

  1. Unique Setting: It's located in a refurbished church, adding a special charm and a unique experience to the tour.
  2. Family Story: You will learn about the fascinating story of the Pearse Lyons family in addition to the whiskey-making process.
  3. Boutique Experience: It offers a more intimate, less crowded experience compared to larger, more well-known distilleries.

The Pearse Lyons Distillery in Dublin is a unique boutique distillery nestled within the renovated St. James Church, a historic site dating back to the 12th century. A striking feature of the distillery is the glass spire, called the 'Liberties Lantern', which tops the church, symbolizing the distillery's integral role in the local community. Inside, the original church organ, stained glass windows, and graveyard, including the final resting place of some notable Dubliners, have all been preserved, combining the old-world charm with modern distilling technology.

The distillery offers an immersive visitor experience. Guided tours delve into the intriguing history of the site, the story of Irish whiskey, and the Lyons family's brewing and distilling heritage, alongside the whiskey production process. Visitors can view the meticulously restored church, unique Vendome copper pot stills, and sample the distillery's award-winning Irish whiskies.

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The inside of Pearse Lyon Distillery. Small and Large whiskey barrels can be seen with a large whiskey pot still in the back of the room. There is painted stained glass windows reflecting in vibrant lighting.

7. Smithwick’s Experience Kilkenny

44 Parliament St, Gardens, Kilkenny.

Ok, so it might not be in Dublin but that’s no excuse not to make the short trip to the enchanting city of Kilkenny. While not a working brewery, the Smithwick’s Experience is an immersive experience of the rich history of the Smithwick's brewing process.

3 Reasons to Visit:

  1. Ale's history: You will learn about the rich history of Smithwick's, the oldest ale brand in Ireland.
  2. Interactive Experiences: It features a very interactive and immersive tour.
  3. Out of Town Experience: It's located in Kilkenny, so it provides an opportunity to explore beyond Dublin.

Located in the heart of Kilkenny and built on the ruins of an underground Franciscan abbey, Smithwick's is Ireland's oldest brewery and the birthplace of Smithwick's Ale, the traditional Irish red ale that is cherished worldwide.

Now transformed into a visitor centre, the Smithwick's Experience offers an immersive, interactive experience that takes guests through the centuries-long journey of the Smithwick's brewing legacy. The guided tour leads visitors through various stages of the process, showcasing the ingredients used in brewing, and offering a glimpse into the lives of the people behind the beer.

Smithwick's Experience is a must-visit location for beer lovers and those with a keen interest in understanding the brewing heritage and history of Ireland.

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Four friends smiling and chatting with the Smithwicks gates behind them.

Dublin's brewery tours and distillery tours represent not only the city's, but also the nation's rich and historic relationship with brewing and distilling. With each establishment offering its unique spin on the experience, visitors are gifted with a multitude of engaging, educational, and enjoyable options. From savouring the taste of iconic Irish beers and whiskeys to gaining a deeper appreciation for the artistry and heritage behind these beverages, each visit promises a new understanding and perspective. Whether you're planning a brief city break or an extended sojourn, these tours provide a lively and enchanting way to soak in the spirited essence of Dublin...and Kilkenny. Sláinte!

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