Get the Most from Your Photos of the Guinness Storehouse

If you're a beer lover and find yourself in Dublin, there's no better way to spend an afternoon than by touring the iconic Guinness Storehouse brewery. This world-renowned attraction is located in the heart of Dublin and offers visitors a unique insight into the history and production of Ireland's most famous export. But with so much to see and do, it can be overwhelming making sure you capture every moment of your experience. In this article, we'll provide you with some tips on how and where to take the best photos of your experience touring the Guinness Storehouse brewery, from making sure you have a portable charger to going easy on the filters. 

Mobile Phone Photography Tips:

While printing your selfie on the head of your smooth Guinness with Stoutie is truly a memorable way of capturing your time at the Guinness Storehouse, it’s not the only way, below are some photography tips we encourage you to use so you can capture and relive your experience. 

1. Make sure to have enough power: So many times, during brewery tours our staff are often asked if we have chargers suitable for charging a dying mobile phone battery. Our advice when visiting is to make sure your phone battery is at max because you’re going to be using a lot. Portable chargers are another way to ensure you capture that picture perfect moment.

2. Get the lighting right: Make sure the lighting is good by shooting in natural light or using a well-lit area. Avoid using the flash, as it can make the photos look too bright or too harsh.

3. Keep it steady: Use a tripod or hold the phone steady to avoid blurry photos. There are many accessories available online to purchase which can help achieve that professional portrait.

4. Get close: Get close to the subject to capture details and textures. This is especially important when photographing beer or food from one of our many bars and restaurants located throughout the brewery

5. Use the rule of thirds: Use the rule of thirds to compose your photos. This means dividing the frame into thirds both horizontally and vertically and placing your subject along these lines.

6. Shoot from different angles: Try shooting from different angles to get unique perspectives. You can also try shooting from low angles or high angles for more dramatic shots.

7. Capture the ambiance: Capture the ambiance of the brewery by including people and the surrounding environment in your photos.

8. Focus on the details: Focus on the details of the brewery, such as the brewing equipment or the texture of the original brick work and other materials used in the brewery's design.

9. Use filters sparingly: Use filters sparingly and choose ones that complement the photo. Too many filters can make the photo look unnatural.

10. Edit your photos: Edit your photos to enhance their quality. Adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation as needed.

11. Have fun: Enjoy the tour and have fun taking photos. Experiment with different techniques and settings to see what works best for you. 

The Perfect Backdrop to any Photo

The architecture style of the Guinness Storehouse is a blend of contemporary and industrial design, giving you many opportunities to collect and build an album of magnificent unique photos. The building has a modernist appearance with a sleek and bold exterior. The structure is made of steel, concrete, and glass, which gives it a robust and industrial look. This combination of external building materials makes it the perfect textured background for your before or after tour shots. 

The building's interior is equally impressive and continues to offer you the best picture backdrops. With an open-plan layout that provides visitors with a seamless and interactive experience, the Storehouse is shaped like a giant pint glass, with the base of the building replicating the shape of the iconic Guinness pint glass. The Storehouse's seven floors are dedicated to the history, brewing process, advertising, and consumption of Guinness. 

Instagram worthy locations at The Guinness Storehouse

We know how much you want to be the envy of friends and family, brag to everyone who’ll listen that you visited one of the best tourist attractions in Dublin, so we encourage you to share your experience across social media; however, you don’t want to be posting any old photos. Here are some of our recommended locations throughout the Storehouse where you can capture the perfect Instagram pic. 

1. The Guinness Gate

Couple romantically kissing in front of the famous Guinness Gate

2. The Tasting Room Corridor

A girl happily standing in the entrance of the tasting room corridor with her hand on her hip looking up to the roof.

3. Advertising Floor

A girl standing in front of a wall with a Guinness image in the background. The girl is pretending to hold up a steel beam.

4. Cinema Room

Two people sitting on the ground of the cinema room within the Guinness Storehouse, the girl on the right is recording the images on the screen.,

5. Bubbles

A girl gazing into the light wall within the Guinness Storehouse, there is a man in the background doing the same.

6. Clocks around the building

A girl standing  in front of the Guinness clock with her arms folded

Taking great photos with your mobile phone while touring the Guinness Storehouse brewery is all about getting the right lighting, composition, and angles. By following the tips we've outlined in this article, you can capture stunning photos that will help you remember your visit for years to come. Remember to experiment with different techniques and settings, and don't be afraid to get up close and personal with the subjects you're photographing. Above all, have fun and enjoy the unique experience of touring one of Ireland's most iconic attractions.  


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