Creative Guinness Inspired Food and Drinks for a Summer BBQ

Beef burger and a pint of Guinness at the Guinness Storehouse


There’s no better excuse to fire up the grill than having some exciting new recipes to explore. If you’re looking for a way to elevate your BBQ game this summer, take the opportunity to sample some Guinness-inspired delights that are sure to wow family and friends. From show stopping main dishes bursting with iconic Guinness flavour to delicious sides and inventive cocktail mixtures, we’ve got you covered for a summer BBQ to remember.

To Start

To start, you can keep things simple and refreshing with this delicate fig and pomegranate salad. Taking just 15 minutes to prepare it’s a wonderfully balanced mixture of succulent figs and lettuce and rocket topped off with pomegranate and pistachios for a burst of freshness and depth. Not to mention it goes great with a chilled Guinness. Add to the table another sure party pleasing starter with these Guinness Honey & Green Curry Glazed Chicken Wings. This supreme chicken wing recipe utilises a Guinness Foreign Extra Stout sauce lavishly poured over chicken wings which are baked until crispy. The novel green curry paste and Guinness mixture is an unexpected but wholly welcome kick that will have guests raving! Another sure hit for the starter platter are some Guinness Cheesy Beef Samosas. These beauties are easy to whip up and feature a mouthwatering combination of beef, cheese and Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. 


For refreshments, you’ll want to make sure you stock up on Guinness and don’t forget to perfect your pouring technique – remember, to tilt the glass and bottle towards each other and pour at a 45 degree angle! If you want to take things up a notch and create some fresh twists on an old classic, try out some Guinness-inspired cocktails for a summer treat. Delight guests with a Guinness Mint Strawberry Posset where strawberries and mint are simmered with cream, sugar and Guinness for the perfect summery decadence.

Similarly, a cocktail made for the summer BBQ is Guinness’ Parts Unknown – a drink drawing on Hawaiian flavours but originated in Dublin. The mixture of Guinness and blackcurrant makes for a refreshing twist on the dark stout and the perfect complement to BBQ favourites.

The Main Event

For the main event, serve up some Guinness Passion Fruit Marinated Honey Pork Chops for a tasty, tart take on a classic BBQ dish. The infusion of Guinness and passion fruit lavished on tender pork chops done over the grill is a moreish platter the whole family can enjoy. For another classic recipe, try Guinness Smoked Baby Back Ribs – a delicious signature recipe by Harry Eastwood.  This delicious take is a crowd pleaser and well worth the extra effort. You can serve both of these dishes with a side of some Chilli Roasted Sweet Potatoes. The maple dipping sauce in this recipe is the perfect complement to the ribs and pork chops. A side of Sticky and Spicy Brussel Sprouts is a winning finishing touch to any heaping plate and easy to prepare ahead of time.

Don’t forget to check out our Guinness inspired desserts for a delicious way to end the evening and leave guests on a (sugar) high.

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