The Best Guinness Inspired Recipes for a Festive Feast

Looking for some menu inspiration sure to delight and entice guests this Christmas? Since it was first brewed, chefs have realised Guinness’ potential to enhance everything from desserts that bring out its silken creamy flavour to main courses that capitalise on its rich taste. That’s why we’ve designed a festive menu of recipes to help you use Guinness to its full potential this Christmas.

Starters: Baked Cranberry and Cheddar Puff Pastry

Baked cranberry cheddar

There are few better appetizers than puff pastry on Christmas day. It says indulgence, effort, and a true occasion. Combining the sweetness of cranberries with the depth of cheddar, this moreish puff pastry delight is an excellent way to whet appetites on the big day. What’s more, these are also easy to make ahead of time so they’re waiting for guests when they arrive. Served with pear puree and bacon, this recipe is best accompanied with a glass of heavy, dark Guinness stout.

Side Dish: Irish Mashed Potato Croquettes with Guinness Draught Cheese Sauce

Irish mashed potato croquettesCroquettes are a sure winner on any Christmas menu and a great way to keep all tastes satisfied. The creamy potato centre of these deep-fried bites provides moreish mouthfuls that will keep guests coming back for more. The leek and kale filling showcases distinctively Irish ingredients, but the game changer in this recipe is the delectable Guinness Draught Cheese Sauce spread over the top. While they take some time to make, the real difficulty in this recipe is making sure they don’t fly off the serving plate before dinner even begins.

The Main Event: Honey Pork Chops Marinated with Guinness and Passion Fruit

Passion fruit marinated honey pork chopsIf you’re getting tired of dry turkey and ham this Christmas, why not try something different and flex your culinary skills with these honey pork chops? Sure to wow at the first bite, the passion fruit and Guinness marinade provides a delicious tart kick to these optimally spiced pork chops. While this recipe provides a complex flavour, it’s relatively easy to prepare and is perfect for hosts who don’t want to spend all of the big day confined to the kitchen.

The Main Event: Guinness Smoked Haddock

Smoked haddockMeat dishes are usually the star of the Christmas dinner table, but there’s good reason to opt for a lighter main course, especially when it’s flanked by indulgent sides and starters. This Smoked Haddock combines the delicate flavour of this distinctive fish with the depth of flavour of Guinness to create a memorable mouthful. Surrounded by mussels and oysters, we guarantee no one will miss the chicken or turkey in this seafood medley. Even better, any leftovers from this recipe can easily be converted into fish pies or chowders to serve on the following day.  

For Something Sweet: Guinness Caramelised Cinnamon Banana Stuffed Crepes

Caramelised cinnamon banana stuffed crepesThis dessert is a feast for all the senses. The unlikely mixture of Guinness caramelised bananas with cinnamon is the ultimate winter taste sensation and a luscious way to end the festivities on Christmas day. Taking just twenty minutes to cook, this alternative dessert is best saved as a surprise and whipped up in the evening to a welcome chorus of guests. Even better, the light-as-air crepes can complement nearly any precursor dishes and accompanying drinks. This recipe also makes a wonderfully filling brunch for St. Stephen’s Day once appetites have resurfaced.  

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